In Bulgaria, a culture that nevertheless embraces investing

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The Thracian tinkerers clan of Bulgaria, one of many communities with top preserved traditions, collects into the town of Mogila near Stara Zagora regarding the feast of St. Todor, or Horse Easter. Certainly one of three nationwide gatherings a year of which community con

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The Trakiiski Kalaidzhii – or even the Tinsmiths of Thrace – are one of Europe’s many cultures that are enduring. They nevertheless have actually a semi-nomadic life style, repairing cauldrons and pans because they travel along their old-fashioned paths. In Bulgaria, these are typically most likely most famous with regards to their alleged bride market.

Kalaidzhis don’t marry away from group. And children aren’t permitted to date without adults around. And this event when it comes to feast of St. Todor is amongst the few possibilities they need certainly to satisfy prospective mates, and dancing the horo, or band dance.

The scene when you look at the field that is open city is a strange combination of contemporary and old fashioned. The Kalaidzhii females wear their locks in braids, long velvet skirts and extremely colorful headscarves and a lot of gold jewelry. Their daughters dress exactly like modern Bulgarian females, in tight, fancy clothing and makeup that is heavy.

There’s beer, grilled meat and a lot of socializing. But just because a couple extends to understand one another at one of these brilliant activities and decides they wish to marry, the suitor requires authorization through the bride’s father. And a lot of notably, they have to agree with an amount. Vasilka Todorova states the backward.

“The Kalaidzhis go right to the market to market their daughters like horses,” claims Todorova. “They are addressed like animals. The only thing that’s missing are signs which state simply how much they cost? We don’t enjoy it at all.”

But while cash is a big the main matchmaking, it’s nothing like husbands are “buying” a bride claims Velcho Krustev, an anthropologist that is bulgarian. The bride cost, referred to as “blood for the daddy,” is essentially re re re payment for their individual guarantee that their child is actually a virgin. Kalaidzhis see this due to the fact way that is only understand without a doubt that the infants she’ll have are her husbands.

“The kid purchases the honor regarding the woman rather than the bride by by by herself,” Krustev claims. “And the husband’s household is buying the best to range from the women’s future young ones in their loved ones line.”

Discounts aren’t completed at that moment. Negotiations simply take months, dragged down over numerous comparable social activities. Krustev claims the amount of money is not a “payment” as it’s generally speaking came back through presents and financial assistance for the family that is young. And so the high asking “price” is a type of evidence for the bride’s daddy that their brand new son in legislation should be able to offer their family members.

But also for young Kalaidzhi bachelors like Petko Kolev, the cost is far too high. He’s been looking a bride for the time that is long.

“Maybe ten years,” Kolev says.

Kolev states the international financial crisis has harmed Bulgaria, but hasn’t lowered the expectations of Kalaidzhi dads.

“It’s making a lot more people bad, nonetheless they desires the amount of money,” he claims. “The pricing is perhaps maybe not heading down.”

A price that is normal about $7,000 — significantly more than a year’s wage when it comes to average Bulgarian. Teenage boys here state it can move up to $20,000 in the event that wished for bride is truly stunning.

“I don’t similar to this tradition, it is extremely bad, that is a tradition that is crazy” Kolev claims.

Kolev could elope or marry A bulgarian girl, but breaking because of the tradition he hates could suggest breaking along with his household. Therefore Kolev claims he’s got to complement.

“Because that is an extremely tradition that is old i must pay attention my children,” Kolev says. “I don’t wish to be upset with my children, they will have cared for me personally since I have had been baby. It wouldn’t be good to achieve this.”

Kolev claims he’s constantly thwarted – even though he’s not really seeking the prettiest girl. He just wishes an excellent one. “I don’t desire her become stunning you realize, merely to have good heart,” he says. “i would like her to be breathtaking in, you realize, to own a great heart.”

Krustev the anthropologist states the Kalaidzhii – of all of the Roma teams – have preserved the tradition the absolute most. But there are lots of noticeable modifications underway.

“They have previously started selecting their very own wedding lovers,” Krustev says. “Sometimes they also elope. The older generation does choose the spouses n’t normally because they accustomed. The kids can select their partner, if their moms and dads agree. That’s the big modification. The bride pricing is becoming more symbolic.”

Most younger Kalaidzhis more or less agree totally that this tradition, like others, will go away quickly, together with the older generation. They’re having fewer kiddies, linking to your wider globe through the world wide web and mobile phones and combining more with outsiders. Nevertheless the final end of this traditions, the older generation worries, means the finish for the Kalaidzhis by themselves.

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